Pet Services

We are committed to you, your pets and your quality of life and we are always adding new products and services to serve you better. Check where we are today!

The Poo Patrol

No matter what you call it  . . .  dog waste removal, dog poop cleanup, poop scooping, or pet waste be- gone  . . . it’s simple, we pick up the poo your pooch leaves behind. Our clean cut Crew is dedicated to serving you and your pooch with respect and a no gate left unlatched approach. We also offer lawn sanitation, meow litter box cleaning and self service poo removal.

The Pet Concierge

Sometimes life gets complicated and your pooch may feel left behind. We’re here to ensure that your pooch gets the special attention that they deserve. From food delivery, dog walking, pet sitting, vet visits, or special needs, our Pet Concierge team is ready, willing and able to care for furry friends!