Poop Patrol

Pet Waste Removal in Denver, Colorado

Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly or One-Time Services

No matter what you call it  . . .  dog waste removal, dog poop cleanup, poop scooping, or pet waste be-gone  . . . it’s simple, we pick up the poo your pooch leaves behind. We’ll develop a service schedule that meets you and your pooches needs.

In the event you have a very large yard, obstacles, rock areas, accumulation of leaves, tall grass, debris, weeds, or any other factor that involves increased service time, additional charges may apply.

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Self Service Poop Removal

For Clients who collect their pooches Poo, we’ll provide you with a Poop Patrol Bucket and recycle your waste once a week for as little as $5.00, no matter how many dogs you have.

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Meow Litter Box Cleaning

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to adore your favorite Meow without the hassle of buying the litter, cleaning the box and hauling the poo to the trash? Here’s one solution! Let the My Denver Poop Patrol set up a weekly box service for your coveted cat. We’ll give you an extra cat box, complete with litter and all. Every week, we’ll stop by and switch out the box, then clean, sanitize, deodorize and disinfect the used one. We’ll even vacuum up the kitty litter that your little rascal has managed to spill outside the box. We use only Premium All Natural Kitty Litter, and our kitty litter is environmentally friendly.

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