Meow Litter Box Cleaning

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to adore your favorite Meow without the hassle of buying the litter, cleaning the box and hauling the poo to the trash? Here’s one solution! Let the My Denver Poop Patrol take care of it for you and your coveted cat.

“How does this work?” – Simple, we come to your house and we swap out your used Litter Box with a Fresh, Sanitized, Disinfected, and Full of New Litter. All at NO ADDITIONAL costs to you! Choose from a One Time service or one of our Monthly subscription services.

Subscription Service:

Try out our monthly service. Get a fresh box on the regular schedule you choose.

Product Options

Price: from $30.50 (monthly)

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One-Time Service:

Litter Box Cleaning just when you need it. Our one time service is when you have that occasional need and lets you indicate the number of times you need it, to keep your kittie happy and their litter box clean.


Price: $14.00/visit

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