How do my Free Week(s) or Special Promotions Work?

All free weeks or specials are applied to the last billing week of the month. For example – if you have six weeks free on your account, one will be applied at the end of the billing month cycle for six months, or you’ll get one free week a month. If you have accumulated 12 free weeks it will take one year for you to take advantage of the offer. Free Week offers are only valid for weekly or multi weekly.

Aggressive Animals

We understand that some pooches are afraid of people and can become agitated on a dime. If this describes your dog, we request that you have them restrained or inside on your scheduled day of service so both your dog and our technicians are working in a safe, non-threatening environment.

Additional Pets

Based on your pooch situation we can arrange a service schedule to care for multiple dogs or a more frequent basis. Standard service fees apply for multiple dog waste removal.

How do I transfer my service when I move?

When you get ready to move, please notify us of your new address 30 days in advance and we’ll adjust your scheduled day with our route service area.

Does my gate have to be unlocked on my day of service?

Yes, your gate must be unlocked or accessible on your day of service.  If you like to provide us with a key to your gate, we will be happy to unlock and lock it as we leave. If special entry is required, please contact the Poop Patrol Team with specific details.

Is there an extra charge for one-time Service?

If it has been a while since your last clean up, an excessive waste cleanup fee may apply. But don’t worry – we’ll give you an estimate up front, so you know where you stand. If we find that your yard requires more attention than we’ve estimated, we’ll give you a quote on the spot.

Do you work on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years?

My Concierge Pet Sitting Services are available on these days with 30 days notice. The Denver Poop Patrol is normally off on these days, but if you need us, please call in advance so we can arrange a solution to fit your needs.

How do you deal with extreme weather conditions?

Our staff is prepared for most weather to complete your service on scheduled days. However, during extreme weather conditions we will service your yard on the next service day when possible. No pricing adjustments are made because of  weather due to double accumulation.

How do you make sure my dogs don’t get out of the yard?

The My Denver Pet Poop Patrol works with a Leave No Gate Unlatched approach and we mark your door hanger with a special section noting that we’ve checked and double checked your gate.

How am I charged?

My Denver Pet is a paperless company so all payments are done electronically via Visa, Mastercard or American Express. You will be charged for services at the beginning of the following month of service. For example, if you sign up on June 1st, your first invoice will be processed on July 1st for the previous month. Billing in this way allows us to make sure you are satisfied with the My Denver Pet service team.